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Why Jewellery?


I’m really excited to be writing my first blog post on the eve of the launch of our brand new website. The website is the culmination of months of work and setting it up to go live conjures up similar feelings to the day I waved my son off to school for the first time, watching his serious little face from the window of his Reception classroom. When you’re a small business owner your work really is a labour of love – not dissimilar to the joys of parenthood. You feel with soaring intensity the joys of the successful moments, and the bits that go wrong, however tiny, leave you wondering if you’re cut out for this lark after all. It even keeps me awake at night - although there’s less nocturnal shushing and singing nursery rhymes than there was with my tiny babies. It’s for those reasons that I knew that whatever business I started (because after exploring my options for returning to work after a seven year break, my own business certainly felt like the best option), I would have to choose something I could feel passionate about. People often ask me why I chose jewellery – it was for many reasons, some of them practical (I’m nothing if not pragmatic), but the biggest reason is that it’s something I knew I could feel excited about on a daily basis. Early discussions on what type of e-commerce business to begin heralded some interesting ideas – my husband thought there was a growing market for woven garden furniture, but I knew I would struggle to maintain enthusiasm for rattan chairs for longer than a typical British summer lasts (plus I wondered how we’d fit the samples into our spare bedroom). But jewellery has always held for me some kind of mystical appeal – memories of sifting through my mum’s black leather jewellery box as a child, draping myself in her pearls and bracelets, dreaming of the day when I’d be grown up enough to have a collection of my own. I moved onto to making my own crude jewellery offerings - collecting unusual beads and stringing them together to make necklaces, and spending hours as a young teen browsing in specialist beads shops for the perfect combination. Although I ended up studying fashion design and working in both clothing design and retail, I still occasionally tinkered with the idea of working with jewellery. A chance remark from a retail associate last year triggered the idea for an e-commerce brand specialising in fashion jewellery, and the initial idea for Clasp London was born. I knew from early on that I wanted my business to be more than a sole trader who bought up job lots of products and re-sold them on eBay – I had a craving for something that would give me a creative challenge as well an income. Without thinking about it too deeply (because there was a chance I’d talk myself out of it), I started to develop the Clasp brand. Five months later it’s ready to be shared with the world, and it really does reflect me as a person in many ways. From the colour scheme and the logo (most people will know that blue is my favourite colour, I wear it daily) to the selection of easily wearable, simple, affordable pieces, this first collection from Clasp London goes out to you with my heart attached. I hope you love it as much as I do.

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