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Where are your products manufactured?

Our jewellery is manufactured in small factories in Thailand and Indonesia. We have carefully sourced responsible, reliable manufacturers, who ensure compliance with international legislation regarding product quality.

What materials are used to make your products?

All of our jewellery items are made from a minimum of 92.5% pure silver, alloyed with other metals, to make 925 Sterling Silver. Gold and rose gold pieces are made from 925 Sterling Silver with either 14 carat or 18 carat flash gold plating.

Are your pieces hallmarked?

Yes. All silver jewellery is stamped with the Sterling Silver Hallmark '925'.

- Pendants, stamped on the bale.
- Charms, stamped on the lobster
- Ear Studs, stamped on the butterflies
- Earrings, stamped on the hooks
- Necklaces and Bracelets, stamped on the lock

Nevertheless there are a few items that do not have the 925 stamp because they are too fragile or fine to allow for it. These items are still Sterling Silver 925.

Silver items weighing more than 7.78 grams are fully hallmarked as required by UK Law and feature five marks in total - Sponsor's mark, traditional fineness mark, millesimal fineness mark, assay office mark, and the date letter mark. You can find more information on UK Hallmarking here.

Does your jewellery contain nickel or lead?

No. Our 925 Sterling Silver Jewellery conforms to International, European and American legislation regarding lead, nickel and heavy metal content. Our manufacturers regularly test their goods to ensure compliance with these laws.

What is flash plating?

Flash gold plating is when jewellery is given a very thin coating of gold, just enough to give a colour and even finish. It is commonly used to plate costume jewellery. Our gold and rose gold pieces are flash plated in 14 or 18 carat gold.

What is E-coating?

E-coating, also known as electro-coating or electro deposition, is a method that uses an electrical current to coat the metal surface with an organic lacquer, covering every nook and cranny on the jewellery with an even and consistent protective coat. This coating protects the sterling silver from tarnishing for an extended period. E-coated jewellery has a warmer tone than rhodium-plated silver and lets the natural beauty of the sterling silver come through. 

How can I care for my silver jewellery?

Taking care of your silver basically means avoiding any exposure of your silver to household chemicals when cleaning, with bleach or ammonia for example, or going to pool in chlorinated water. These substances might damage your silver.

How should I clean my silver jewellery?

This will surprise you, but the best way to maintain your silver jewellery is to wear it often. Humidity and storing the silver for any given length can lead to tarnishing. We recommend cleaning gently with a designated silver polishing cloth from time to time. 

Where can I find your delivery and returns information?

You can find delivery and returns information by clicking on the 'delivery and returns' button in the footer menu.